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Established in 2018 with one word in mind, different. 

Purple Coffin Studio is designed with the intention of being warm, personalized, and accepting. A one on one experience in a closed studio space with just you and your stylist.

With everything from gender free appointment titles to the option of a quiet appointment, Purple Coffin Studio is a safe space to express yourself with nothing but big laughs, comfy chairs, and personal connection.

We can't wait to meet you.

The Owner


If you're a laid back kind of person, we're going to get along great! My favorite thing to tell my clients is that I just want to hang out and do some hair. I just want your experience with me to be one where you leave confident and happy.

I like traveling, trying new things, spending too much time with my goofy husband and my three kitties. Some words that have been used to describe me are : down to earth, straight to the point, loyal, silly, and confident. I feel like a nice big ball of sunshine a lot of the time and mostly hope I can shine a bit on you. 

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